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September, 2017


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Sometimes you Can’t Sail Around

As many Floridians have recently found out. Sometimes you can’t just sail away from a storm when it’s coming to port. There will be times when you need to lift your boat out of the water and bring it to land. But for many of our readers, they are unsure just how that is supposed to happen.

We have three answers for you.

How you Can Bring your Boat Over Land

Trailers – For many small boat owners, this is the best way to take your boat over land and far away. Strap it up to the back of your truck and drive away with the boat in tow.

Travel Lifts – Travel Lifts are large super vehicles that are tasked with being able to lift the boat out of the water and drive it. Using complex levies and slings, these boats will cradle the boat above the water and drive away with omnidirectional control. Read more about Travel Lifts.

Dry Docks – Dry Docks are areas near the marina where boats are typically stored for moments of high tide or rough waters, and they don’t want to get damaged.

Which is Best for you?

Small Size BoatsTrailers. If it’s easier for you to maintain control of your vessel, you should go ahead and do so.

Large YachtsTravel Lifts and Dry Docks. For many large boat owners, having a trailer is impossible. But Travel Lifts and Dry Docks give you the chance to hide your boat in an area instead of being stuck out on the water.

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